Silkscreen Healing Art in the Kitchen

There is something very therapeutic when making your own designs and watching them come to life as each is printed. This was no exception in my Tea Towel Silkscreen Workshop.

The process of silkscreening can be pretty intimidating, not to mention messy. I began class by telling the group that everything was going to be okay and this class was not meant add stress or make anyone nervous. My process of silkscreening is quite long. If perfection is what you seek, it can only be achieved after many times of trial and error.

Silkscreen is an art, therefore, it isn’t meant to be perfect. When there are a few spots of fabric that weren’t as saturated with ink as others, that’s actually okay. It reminds us of how the hands of the artist were involved in the design. For this class, I simplified the process of silkscreening to make it easier (and fun) for anyone, whether a novice or simply someone who wants to get into silkscreening again...

After a little pep talk, we relaxed and had an enjoyable time. There's something about working as a group and helping each other that makes the process so worthwhile. When everyone was done with their beautiful prints, we lingered around the kitchen. We drank tea and ate well-deserved snacks, waiting for our prints to dry.

Sometimes, we realized, the small mistakes can even make the prints extra special!

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cristal chen