Meet Cristal


I’m Cristal Cabanillas-Chen, Founder of SweetBoomsCo. I’m a passionate artist who followed an instinct to keep creating. No matter what. 

“With nothing to fabricate the majority of people are reduced to buying already made products. In turn, shopping becomes a substitute for producing.” -Veronique Vienne,

Since I was a little girl, I was surrounded by people who are passionate about making things with their hands. My dad is a talented furniture maker. My mom is a gifted seamstress. Perhaps they were why I was destined to follow my passion for design.

I’ve never believed in making art just for the sake of art.

Art expresses feelings of today’s society. Art is the reflection of society, like a mirror held up to a moment. My dream is for my work to serve as a social platform for people to come together and talk. I seek to curate community engagement through my work. I’ve found that the beauty lies in the dialogue and social interaction that takes place through the journey of the work. Through social media, I began sharing my art, experiences, and engagement with my community. Eventually, I opted to share my skills with others by welcoming the local community to her home studio.

What began as one-on-one private lessons in 2017... grew to a bigger community, comprised of students who shared a common desire to learn and create something one-of-kind with their own hands. From my rich history of sharing artistic skills and experiences SweetBloomsCo was born. 

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We choose inspiration over competition for stronger communities and healthier business practices.

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We unite people united by a passion for all things handmade..


We connect through collaboration andshared experiences.

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