Watercolor Succulents & India Ink

The 'Watercolor Succulent and India Ink' workshop marked the beginning of a long awaited dream coming to life. Without a doubt this first workshop is not only the closest to my heart but also my favorite and the most memorable. Not only because it was the first workshop I did in San Mateo but also because of the group of people that were part of it. All the way from family members, close friends and people in the community. All of them took a chance on me and supported me to make SweetBloomsCo happen. It took a year of thoughtful engagement through social media and conversations to understand the community and how to best serve its people. It was a rewarding experience and a great reminder of why I became a graphic designer years ago. Being a graphic designer has great advantages, its not only a way to make a living and a way to communicate visually a message. More importantly its also a tool that brings people together and helps them have an experience, facilitate collaboration with one another and be creative. I am not just a graphic designer, an artist, a creator of things. I am someone who has seen the need for someone to provide an open space or forum if you will. Yes, for others to come together and make something but more importantly to have a dialogue and share experiences through wherever needs necessary. That's why the watercolor workshop was so amazing! It provided people with a space to come relax, let go and create. Or as one of the participants said: "This space has given me the courage to let go, believe that I don't have to be perfect but simple fill the page with something made with my hand."

cristal chen