Soap Making & Collaboration

This workshop was like any that I given in the past. Everyone went around the room and introduced themselves, sharing why they were here and where they call home.

Surrounding me was a multicultural group of people, and although we were each from such different backgrounds, we all shared one thing in common. We all yearned to put our hands to use. Everyone wanted to touch the materials. Each one of us wanted to make something to be proud of. This was a moment to take for ourselves, get back to what matters, and share experiences.

About 10 people from around the San Francisco Bay Area community came together to crush herbs, fold ingredients, and cut their own soap. I was thrilled to be surrounded by such an open-minded group of people. The collaboration and shared relaxation was nearly contagious! One of the participants mentioned something that was a reminder for why I started these community based workshops:

She said, she had been searching for a place where she could go to use her hands, make something creative, and  meet new people. She explained, "I feel invigorated and renewed.Thank you for doing this kind of workshop."

That day, while sipping a cup of tea with new ideas, we felt renewed strength to keep more workshops coming. 


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